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The Actual Much Better Option — Laser Hair Removal Vs Electrolysis

Numerous women who go for laser hair removal are getting interested in electrolysis and vice-versa. Before jumping from one process to an additional, it is much better to compare laser hair removal vs electrolysis in terms associated with its price, result, and side effects. Here is the basis of comparison for both well-liked treatments.


In the price associated with laser hair removal vs electrolysis, laser hair removal is greater. This is due to the usage of the actual laser beams which tend to be more expensive than the low-level electric current in electrolysis. If you have a large spending budget, you may consider the actual much less painful laser hair removal. Since the actual procedure requires many sessions at regular intervals, you might have to make for every session as this is quite pricey compared to electrolysis.


For the result associated with laser hair removal vs electrolysis, electrolysis is exceptional. Aside from its inexpensive cost, the actual effect of electrolysis is much better. This frequently ensures long-term hair removal. In contrast to the utilize associated with beams, the electricity presents problems to the hair follicles completely. Electrolysis targets both dark and light hairs. On another hand, the outcomes associated with laser hair removal do not guarantee 100% achievement. In 80% of the instances, hair often develops back again in a matter of months.

Undesirable Effects

For unwanted effects of Laser hair removal vs electrolysis, these people each possess the same side effects. Both may trigger temporary swelling and inflammation in the actual skin. The inflammation subsides one to 3 hours right after the actual process. The actual swelling of the skin might persist longer versus inflammation occurring as much as 24 hrs. Usually, the redness doesn’t need medication. For the actual swelling, you might consider using snow packages or chilly compress to relieve the inflammation. Usually, both the swelling and inflammation must disappear in 2 to three days.

If you would like order to free yourself through unwanted hair permanently, scrutinize laser hair removal vs electrolysis’ pros and cons. Once you understand the possible results and the quality through the outcome, you can create a better decision that you will not regret in the conclusion.

How To Overcome Oily Skin With Natural Masks

Have you ever experienced something called oily facial skin? Relax, this condition is very normal and normal. Please note, the skin does produce oil naturally so that facial skin does not experience dryness for a long time. In addition, oil glands also function to reduce the risk of premature aging.

Yes, it is true that the benefits of oil on the face if oil production is still under normal conditions. It is different if there is too much oil on the facial skin, it actually causes new problems on the face such as clogged pores, the face is easily dull, prone to acne and blackheads, shiny faces and even make-up will easily fade or not last. That’s why we need to know how to deal with this oily face.

Some Causes Of Oily Face

Heredity Factor

Are your family members oily? If so, then don’t be surprised, it could be that the cause of excess oil on your face is hereditary.

Frequent Consumption Of Fatty Foods

It’s no secret if a lot or often consume high-fat foods is not only bad for your body condition, but also affects the health of your facial skin. Namely, the face is easily oily.

Hormones That Are Not Balanced

Hormones that are not balanced, can also be a trigger for your facial skin to be more oily. Situations like this usually occur in people who are going through puberty or are pregnant.

Excessive stress

Not only triggers a person to become depressed, but stress can also make your facial skin produce more oil. This is one of the body’s natural responses to stress.

The Wrong Choice Of Beauty Products

Everyone has a different skin type, A’s beauty products are not necessarily suitable for B’s. So, don’t choose the wrong beauty product, because it is not impossible that it can make your face acne, oily, and so on. You should first identify your skin type, and don’t just choose beauty products. Before buying, check re-check the contents in it and whether it is registered with BPOM.

Sleep Late

When your facial skin is oily than usual, dry or normal, try to remember whether in recent days you often stay up late to sleep late at night. If so, get rid of the bad habit immediately. Because sleeping too late is also one of the causes of oil on the face. Make sure to watch your sleep patterns.

Hot Weather

Changes in weather that cause the temperature to increase will make the skin produce excess oil to keep moisture.

How To Get Rid Of Black Spots On The Face Naturally And Quickly

Lots of black spots on your face? Black spots or black spots on the face are very common skin problems but can upset the owner of the face. Although it doesn’t hurt like acne and doesn’t have a bad effect on health, many people find it a disruptive appearance. Usually, black spots are caused by acne scars, exposure to ultraviolet rays, pollution, excessive pigmentation, and hormones.

Different people have different causes and different ways to treat these black spots. There are those who take it directly to the doctor or beauty salon, patch their facial skin with thick makeup, and some just leave it alone. Whichever type you are, don’t worry because here is a powerful way to get rid of black spots on the face naturally.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Black Spots On The Face Easy And Fast


Anyone who doesn’t know what lime looks like? Lime, or its cool name, Citrus aurantifolia, can be recognized by its small, round shape, green to yellow, greenish-white flesh, and a very sour taste. Lime is very familiar with housewives. Usually lime is one of the spices to add a sour taste in cooking or it can also be used to neutralize the fishy smell in some food ingredients.

Well, not only that, behind its sour taste, there are many benefits and oranges for health and beauty. For health, it is often used to treat coughs, by drinking the juice of the water mixed with soy sauce. As for beauty, the content of Alpha Hydroxy acid in the lime will help treat acne and blemishes, remove dead skin cells, and much more:


  • Prepare some medium old lime
  • Slice into several pieces, then squeeze the water into the container
  • Apply evenly on the face, which has been previously cleaned
  • Let stand for 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly with cold water.
  • Do this method regularly at least 2 times a week.

Air Lemon

Another acid that can also disguise black spots on the face is lemon juice. Vitamin C in the lemon will act as a natural antioxidant and remove dirt that sticks to facial skin.


  • Prepare lemon juice and a cotton ball.
  • Soak a cotton ball in lemon juice.
  • Apply gently to facial skin that has spots.
  • Let stand a few moments, until absorbed or slightly dry.
  • Rinse face with cold water until clean.
  • Note: If you have sensitive skin, you can mix lemon juice with plain water and honey or rose water.


Papaya that is made into a mask can also lighten black spots on the face if you do this method regularly. Papaya contains the enzyme papain which can clean dead skin cells, even out facial skin tone, and inhibit the production of tyrosinase in the skin.


  • Take a few pieces of fresh, ripe papaya that have been peeled off.
  • Crush/mash until it forms a paste.
  • Clean your face first, then apply a papaya mask.
  • Let stand so that it is fully absorbed, about 20 minutes.
  • Clean face with water.


Tomatoes are also very familiar with housewives, tomatoes, which are commonly used to accompany various dishes, can also be used as a remover for black spots on the face. Choose fresh tomatoes, the content of vitamins A, C, and lycopene in them besides disguising black spots will also rejuvenate your skin and accelerate the growth of new cells.

Method 1:

  • Prepare fresh tomatoes, then slice thinly.
  • Cover your face with the tomato slices.

Method 2:

  • Puree a few fresh tomatoes in a blender or grated.
  • Once smooth, apply evenly to the face.
  • Let stand for 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with cold water.
  • Please choose one of the methods above according to your wishes. Do it regularly in order for maximum results.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is easy to find, this natural cosmetic ingredient is also effective for getting rid of black spots on the face.


  • Prepare 1 medium segment of aloe vera.
  • Peel and take the gel or meat, then mash until it forms a paste.
  • Apply evenly to the entire face.
  • Let stand for 15-20 minutes, finally, wash off with water.
  • Do it at least 3 times a week and feel the results.


Steam produced from hot water is often used in beauty treatments, for example spas, saunas, steaming, etc.

How: You only need to position your face on the basin filled with hot water (but not too close either). Do it for about 5-10 minutes until the steam feels soaked in the face.

Note: Don’t force it if it’s too hot.

For optimal results, you can combine boiling water with slices of lemon and lavender.

The benefits of steam include.

Facial skin is fresher and stimulates the growth of new skin cells. So in that way, the black spots on the face will also disappear naturally.

  • Removes bacteria and excess oil and prevents premature aging
  • Improve blood circulation so that more oxygen and nutrients flow to the face. And also remove the poison that comes out along with sweat

Easy right? Apart from practicing how to get rid of black spots on the face naturally above. You should also support it with a healthy intake. Foods that contain antioxidants are highly recommended.