Hillary Is Dreaming by Geneva Chao

Turn down the lights, hang on to your nightcaps — Hillary is Dreaming! Hilarious and true, or truly hilarious, this ripping, gripping dream of a book plays a fierce defense, shining an ultralight beam on the questions of the day. And night. An affair of the heart, lamentation and idyll, visions of eidos blaze. Earnest or ironic, or just plain cheeky, she’s (Hillary or Geneva?) “done being sorry.”

Norma Cole, author of Natural Light

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2016 | $15

“Naked Ambition in a Pantsuit”

I’m not immune to shame,
or virtue, or ambition — that
curse word
that makes me a bright-eyed
bucket of
crazy, my mouth full of the
oyster juice you put there;
or some bloody-mouthed
baby eater raving
with hunger like a tidal
wave, mowing down
the hapless who flee before it,
cracking bones;
spit or swallow
is never an old question,
some things stick
in the craw, some things
are worse going up
than down. I don’t pretend
not to want more than
give me my sin again, not to
think better of my mouth
than some golden boy’s
convenient spittoon —
common folk use pop
bottles for that and it’s
just as efficient. Let us
therefore make a deal; I’ll
stash my shame in the back
pocket of these pants and
you’ll take aim
again, from behind the yellow line
this time, and all of these
prizes are ours.

“Naked Ambition in a Pantsuit” was previously featured in Boston Review.
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