About Us

Small presses, like independent record labels, are instrumental to the living everyday of a literary community. Hundreds of small editing practices keep new works circulating. They make discovery more interesting. The history of 20th century literature is half done if the role of the editor is explored less stringently.

Make Now started in 2003. We look for work that’s worth it, that we can’t stop discussing during editing meetings, or out with friends. We look for work that investigates integration, period, the present. We publish or look for the difficult because we believe in the lessons through difficulty. We do not inhabit or believe in works or bodies that can be described in single sentences. But we have often also produced books communicating only through a few simple gestures. A few simple gestures to frame larger discussions.

We are interested in working around classics, publishing the smaller things, the minimal pivots. We believe in the book as book, installation, volume, aleph.

Make Now books is not currently accepting submissions; however, we are planning an open reading period this year.