Have you ever experienced something called oily facial skin? Relax, this condition is very normal and normal. Please note, the skin does produce oil naturally so that facial skin does not experience dryness for a long time. In addition, oil glands also function to reduce the risk of premature aging.

Yes, it is true that the benefits of oil on the face if oil production is still under normal conditions. It is different if there is too much oil on the facial skin, it actually causes new problems on the face such as clogged pores, the face is easily dull, prone to acne and blackheads, shiny faces and even make-up will easily fade or not last. That’s why we need to know how to deal with this oily face.

Some Causes Of Oily Face

Heredity Factor

Are your family members oily? If so, then don’t be surprised, it could be that the cause of excess oil on your face is hereditary.

Frequent Consumption Of Fatty Foods

It’s no secret if a lot or often consume high-fat foods is not only bad for your body condition, but also affects the health of your facial skin. Namely, the face is easily oily.

Hormones That Are Not Balanced

Hormones that are not balanced, can also be a trigger for your facial skin to be more oily. Situations like this usually occur in people who are going through puberty or are pregnant.

Excessive stress

Not only triggers a person to become depressed, but stress can also make your facial skin produce more oil. This is one of the body’s natural responses to stress.

The Wrong Choice Of Beauty Products

Everyone has a different skin type, A’s beauty products are not necessarily suitable for B’s. So, don’t choose the wrong beauty product, because it is not impossible that it can make your face acne, oily, and so on. You should first identify your skin type, and don’t just choose beauty products. Before buying, check re-check the contents in it and whether it is registered with BPOM.

Sleep Late

When your facial skin is oily than usual, dry or normal, try to remember whether in recent days you often stay up late to sleep late at night. If so, get rid of the bad habit immediately. Because sleeping too late is also one of the causes of oil on the face. Make sure to watch your sleep patterns.

Hot Weather

Changes in weather that cause the temperature to increase will make the skin produce excess oil to keep moisture.