Numerous women who go for laser hair removal are getting interested in electrolysis and vice-versa. Before jumping from one process to an additional, it is much better to compare laser hair removal vs electrolysis in terms associated with its price, result, and side effects. Here is the basis of comparison for both well-liked treatments.


In the price associated with laser hair removal vs electrolysis, laser hair removal is greater. This is due to the usage of the actual laser beams which tend to be more expensive than the low-level electric current in electrolysis. If you have a large spending budget, you may consider the actual much less painful laser hair removal. Since the actual procedure requires many sessions at regular intervals, you might have to make for every session as this is quite pricey compared to electrolysis.


For the result associated with laser hair removal vs electrolysis, electrolysis is exceptional. Aside from its inexpensive cost, the actual effect of electrolysis is much better. This frequently ensures long-term hair removal. In contrast to the utilize associated with beams, the electricity presents problems to the hair follicles completely. Electrolysis targets both dark and light hairs. On another hand, the outcomes associated with laser hair removal do not guarantee 100% achievement. In 80% of the instances, hair often develops back again in a matter of months.

Undesirable Effects

For unwanted effects of Laser hair removal vs electrolysis, these people each possess the same side effects. Both may trigger temporary swelling and inflammation in the actual skin. The inflammation subsides one to 3 hours right after the actual process. The actual swelling of the skin might persist longer versus inflammation occurring as much as 24 hrs. Usually, the redness doesn’t need medication. For the actual swelling, you might consider using snow packages or chilly compress to relieve the inflammation. Usually, both the swelling and inflammation must disappear in 2 to three days.

If you would like order to free yourself through unwanted hair permanently, scrutinize laser hair removal vs electrolysis’ pros and cons. Once you understand the possible results and the quality through the outcome, you can create a better decision that you will not regret in the conclusion.